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About me

  I am an assistant professor in the Department of Control Systems and Mechatronics, part of Wrocław  Uni­versity of Science and Technology. Earlier I was a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Instru­mentation (WUT).
  In 2008 I received Ph.D. degree in Control Engineering from Wrocław University of Technology. My Ph.D. thesis concerned development and formal investigations of Wiener system identifi-cation algorithms.
Scientific interests

  My primary scientific interests are in the fields of System Identification, and Image Processing.

System Identification

In this area I am particularly focused on theory of nonparametric and semi­para­me­tric identi­fication of nonlinear, block-oriented sys­tems. Assuming probabilistic setup, I am concentrated on developing  consistent identification algo­rithms for both, SISO and MISO systems.

Image and Signal Processing

In this field I am mainly interested in structure light scannig techniques and Fourier Transform Profilometry in appli-cation to  human eye surface scanning.
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