Socrates - Apology by Plato, listen in Polish.
Rene Descartes - Discourse on the Method, in Polish (translated by T. Boy Żeleński), in English.
Bertrand Russell
Roger Penrose
Bernhard Riemann
Kurt Gödel

Mark Knopfler - a couple of interviews


Theorema Egregium
General relativity


Brothers in Arms


Compact set of... inequalites (and more inequalities)

Sum and product puzzle


Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus, Vox AC30CC2

Digitech HardWire RV-7, DL-8, Supernatural ambient verb,
JamMan Solo XT, Sonic Research ST-200
Boss FV50-H, Yankee power supply
Vox VF002 (foot controller), Handmade effect loop controller
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